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1What is Rent to Own?
A rent-to-own car is a vehicle that is offered to individuals under a specific agreement: You pay for the vehicle like you would when you're renting a car, but instead of turning the vehicle in at the end of the term and losing the money you spent, a portion or all of the money goes toward the car purchase. T&C’s apply to individual contracts based on affordability and vehicle.
2Can a blacklisted person qualify?
Yes, you can. We do the same application as with standard credit providers for security purposes, however we do not decline you based on your credit score. Our various payment options will be determined on the affordability rather than credit score.
3Who is responsible for the insurance?
It would be the client’s responsibility to have comprehensive insurance cover on the vehicle.
4Are there limitations on travel?
The vehicle is not permitted to cross any borders outside South Africa.
5Can Non-South African citizen apply?
Yes, you may, however, you would have to rent for 6 months before going on rent to own agreement.
6How do vehicle services work?
If the vehicle that’s on the agreement does not carry a motor plan then the client will pay for the servicing and maintenance of the vehicle.
7Is there a limitation on Mileage?
There is no limitation on mileage for the duration of the contract.
8How do I pay?
Payments are made via debit order.
9Is there a deposit required?
When leasing a car, monthly payments are required. An initial deposit is required too and will be determined by the deal with us.
10What documents is required to apply?
The following documents are required for every application.
  • Copy of ID/Passport document.
  • Copy of Drivers Licence.
  • Proof of Residence, not older than 3 months.
  • Recent Salary Advise (Payslip).
  • 3 Months Bank Statement.
11How long does the application processes take?
Documents can be emailed or manually submitted. We will revert back to you within 24 hours on whether your application has been approved and what vehicle you qualify for.
12How long after my application being approved, do I wait for the Rent To Own vehicle?
After receiving confirmation of the application being approved, we will need you to pay a deposit. We will then prepare a vehicle for you. This will take 7 – 10 working days to put the vehicle through all the mechanical and vehicle checks
13Can I request an upgrade from my Rent To Own vehicle?
Yes, we do offer vehicle upgrade options after a 12 month period on your existing contract.
14What is the Rent To Own period?
We offer tailormade repayment options, you can choose a payment option from 24 months to 60 months.
15Is car leasing better than buying a car?
Leasing a car is like leasing, or renting, anything else. ... However, since the 2008 downturn, leasing's been growing in popularity, likely because monthly payments are low and it fits better into a budget than paying the larger monthly payments loans or hire purchase deals required to own the car.
16Who pays for the repairs on a leased vehicle?
Most of the time, the vehicle you're leasing will still be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, so you won't have to foot the bill for expensive repairs. There's a good chance that basic maintenance, like oil changes, will also be covered in your car warranty. This will, however, be determined on the vehicle that you are opting for and will be discussed upfront.
17When is the deposit and rental payments due?
The deposit and the first month’s rental are payable upfront once your application has been approved. Thereafter the instalments will be via debit order on a pre-determined date.
18Do we accept Trade-ins?
Yes, we do. We will evaluate the vehicle and offer the strongest trade price based on book values and reconditioning (if any) costs. The deal could then be set up to accommodate shortfalls (if any) or deposits towards the deal to assist with instalment figures.